February Listening.

Joanna Wakia

Beautiful virtual music-making

A mix of powerful and clam in this selection of emotive music from the Stay At Home Choir – a great virtual choir that grew up due to COVID lockdowns in UK and now has members from all around the world. These performances are beautiful to listen to and accompanied by clever videos to show off the talents of the musicians and also the memories of the past 2 years. The choir is still working virtual so, if it appeals, do join them!

Virtual mass singalong of Sir Karl Jenkins’ The Armed Man

Some of you will remember NMS performing The Armed Man back in 2008, it’s such a powerful piece of music. This version is a virtual performance by over 5000 members of the Stay At Home Choir with orchestral footage recorded live (before COVID) by the World Orchestra for Peace. It opens with Karl Jenkins explaining a bit about the piece. It was released as a sing-along for Sanctus and Agnes Dei – so find your old scores and sing along!

Sogno di Volare by Christopher Tin

Next up is a stunning piece by Christopher Tin who wrote Baba Yetu. Again this is such a moving and uplifting piece of music. Performed virtually by 3600 members of the Stay At Home Choir and accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. For an added bonus listen to this interview with the composer

Caledonia by Dougie MacLean, featuring VOCES8

Another memory here, anyone remember VOCES8 performing as part of Safaricom’s Classical Fusion in 2009? Here they perform virtually with the Stay At Home Choir, a ballad ‘Caledonia’ by of Dougie MacLean, arranged by the group’s own Blake Morgan. Caledonia refers to Scotland and you can hear the lilting melodies of the Celtic tradition in this piece.

O Magnum Mysterium by Morten Lauridsen

This is a hauntingly beautiful piece of music, evoking cal