April - June 2024 Choir Season: Beethoven’s Choral Symphony

Rehearsal Dates

April: 23rd, 30th
May: 7th, 21st, 28th
June 4th, 9th, 11th


Day 1: Saturday, 15th June.
Day 2: Sunday, 16th June.
Venue: Peponi House Preparatory School

Rehearsal Aids

Allegro Assai, (Bars 237 to 330, Page 2 in the Vocal Score)

Andante Maestoso (Bars 595-655, Page 23 in the Vocal Score)

Allegro energico (sempre ben marcato, Bars 656-764, Page 29 in the Vocal Score)

Allegro ma non tanto ( Bars 765 to 844, Page 41 in the Vocal Score )

Presto (Bars 845-942, Page 51 in the Vocal Score)

• Male Chorus : Allegro assai vivace, alla Marcia Rehearsal Aids, from (Bar 411 at 4.15, pages 14 to 16)